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Alternativas Contra el Cancer
Alternative Cancer Treatments

The seven most important things you should know about alternative cancer treatments

No question! The quantity of information available on alternative cancer therapies today is overwhelming for lay people and professionals alike. The purpose of this report is to help you clear away the fog and make sense of it all. It will guide you through the maze of alternative cancer information to the best of the best of what has proven to work for others over the years.

In 1971, United States president Richard Nixon declared war on cancer. Since then, virtually all of the 35 billion spent on cancer research in the USA has gone into finding new and improved versions of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Proven herbal cancer therapies, and a wide variety of other types of natural therapies, have sadly been ignored. This despite the fact they have been used successfully for decades in countries around the world.

But is it really cancer? The first important issue, as surprising as it may seem, is to be double and triple sure it really is cancer when tests come back positive. Conventional tests have been known to come back with false positives.

The seven most important things you should

know about alternative cancer treatments

In 1971, United States president Richard Nixon declared war on cancer. Since then, virtually all of the 35 billion spent on cancer research in the USA has gone into finding new and improved versions of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Herbal cancer therapies and other types of natural therapies, even those used successfully for decades around the world, have sadly been ignored.

1. First and foremost, yes, alternative therapies work in the hands of an experienced practitioner.

Almost all alternative therapies do have documented scientific studies to back them up. Today there are over 100 alternative cancer treatments, and more are endlessly being introduced from many places around the world. Some alternative treatments are 75+ years old and still unused by mainstream medicine. To date, however, the general public has not been aware of them. Neither have medical doctors. The Internet, however, is changing all of that fast. Many people who have beaten cancer using alternative therapies are willing to talk to others.

2. Don't expect to see them your doctor's (MD's) office for another 10 - 30 years.

Huge meg-billion dollar bureaucracies change agonizingly slow. One good example, although unrelated to cancer: since the late 1990's, many medical doctors have started to recommend a tablet of aspirin a day to decrease the risk of a second heart attack. This scientific discovery was first published in mainstream medical journals 1947. We don't need endless research into finding a cure for cancer using patented pharmaceutical medicines and other expensive hi-profit therapies alone. Alternative therapy works, and skyrocketing cancer rates today demand we use every therapy available, conventional or alternative.

3. Information overload is a new problem today.

But, it's the kind of problem we like to have. The Internet is creating a health information revolution. The good news is information cures cancer! Today it's easy to learn all our options, yet deciding what therapy is right for us is extremely difficult. Searching the Internet, reading books, going to seminars and so on is guaranteed to hopelessly confuse anyone at a time when clear thinking is needed most. The complete Guide, available below, was prepared to clear away the fog of too much choice. There are many sources you can turn to get help deciding what therapy is right for you.

4. There are six basic types of alternative cancer therapies, and all must be used.

In reviewing the methods used by the most successful alternative care doctors, clinics and hospitals worldwide, one soon sees the bewildering array of alternative cancer treatments today fall into six basic categories or types. Decades of experience has shown that best results are obtained when therapies from all six categories are used together. You must think along these lines.

Categories include detoxification, nutrition, immune system building, key enzymes, emotional counseling and natural chemotherapies. Many of these you can do yourself at home with the guidance of a health care professional.

5. Legalities and liabilities control our doctors today.

Many medical doctors sincerely wish they were allowed to use alternative treatments. But, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) frowns upon alternatives thus making doctors legally liable in court if they use them. This fact alone scares away almost all MDs. Additionally, medical schools don't know anything about, and won't teach, alternatives.

Doctor's state medical boards may fine them heavily, suspend their license to practice or even revoke it. They may be banned from seeing patients in local hospitals.

All from using 'unapproved' alternative treatments, no matter how well they work. This is the way of the world.

MDs do not want and cannot afford these kinds of problems. Only the bravest medical doctors today will buck the system and consider using alternatives.

6. You must get professional guidance in this complicated, rapidly growing field.

This is an important lesson: you don't need to be a trail blazer in the information jungle. There are many places you can go today to quickly get expert guidance. There are simple ways you can save yourself long, hard hours searching for what will work for you ... not to mention saving yourself thousands of dollars (typically) along the way. There are a variety of way you can find alternative practitioners near you. The full Guide (see ordering information below) explains how in detail.

7. For a cancer patient, an open mind and the desire to go on are where it all begins and ends.

In the experience of this author after years of research and the counseling of over 1000 people, there are two things that distinguish cancer survivors from those that do not:

Survivors have a strong, ambitious desire to go on despite their circumstances. In short they dearly want to live. They crave life.

Secondly, they ask questions, they read books, they scour the Internet, they listen to tapes and they make phone calls. Sooner or later, somewhere along the line, they find what works for them - conventional or alternative. Most importantly, these people are willing to do something different. The Guide available below was prepared especially with them in mind to save precious hours and thousands of dollars in their journey.

Seven Biggest Mistakes Regarding Alternative Cancer Therapy

1. Believing that if alternative treatments worked, the conventional medical system would rush to use them.

Not so. Many forces within the conventional system are strongly against alternative treatments for a variety of reasons. It's no mystery a bureaucratic tangle of politicians, government agencies, lawyers and big business types dominate and control the medical system - not doctors. MDs have virtually no say anymore in the type of therapy they're allowed to use. The conventional drugs and surgery cancer treatment system is a mega-billion dollar a year industry worldwide with millions of jobs and staggering profits. Simple, inexpensive alternative therapies pose a direct threat to the entire system. This difficult reality must be faced.

2. Believing medical doctors (MDs) and the conventional medical system have all the answers.

No question, almost all MDs are hard working, talented and sincere people. Most people tend to think that because MDs do not know about alternative therapies, those therapies must be worthless. We've all been raised to not question a conventional doctor's authority. It just isn't done. Television, advertising and newspapers all continue to reinforce their "ultimate authority" image. Because the public (not to mention the medical profession) remains unaware of how many excellent alternative options there are today, there is no pressure on the conventional system to use them. There is simply no way busy doctors can keep up with the flood of new information now available thanks to the Internet. Do an Internet search using the keywords alternative cancer treatments. Expect to see hundreds of thousands of websites.

3. Thinking that using alternatives means you have to abandon conventional doctors, hospitals and therapies.

The common either/or syndrome. Quite the contrary. Always work with your doctors to advise you on your progress. And always tell them about using alternatives. Most people don't. Treating cancer with proven alternatives therapies is not a do-it-yourself project. Happily, today there are more and more Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors (NDs), Doctors of Osteopathy, oriental medicine specialists and yes, even MDs, using alternatives as state and federal laws allow.

4. Thinking a friend or a relative with cancer will welcome information on alternative treatments with open arms.

This can be a heartbreaking issue. A strong desire to beat cancer coupled with an open mind on the part of the patient is essential for any therapy to work. If you are searching for alternative options to help a friend or relative with cancer, be prepared to have your efforts completely rejected by him or her. There are however, effective ways to gradually introduce this subject to cancer patients. (They are covered in a chapter below.) Every good therapist in the world knows that if a patient is against a therapy of any kind, conventional or alternative, result are almost always dismal.

5. Allowing family and friends to enter the picture and influence the decision making process.

This is an all-too-common and frequently difficult issue. Well meaning, but sadly misinformed, family and friends will try to convince a cancer patient that using an alternative therapy is a dangerous mistake. Being totally unaware of the value of proven alternative treatments, and rarely interested in doing any serious research, all they have to offer is biases and opinions. Yet they pressure the patient and immediate family members. Their influence on the patient in a weakened condition can be considerable. The decision whether or not to use an alternative treatment belongs to the patient, spouse and his or her doctor. It is not something to be put to a popular vote. The fewer the people in the decision making process, the better.

6. Searching for a single, magic bullet, take-a-pill therapy.

Abandon this common mistake in thinking quickly. Yes, it's true, we live in an oral society. Have a problem? Open mouth, take a pill. Unfortunately there is no magic herb in pill form we can take for three weeks, cure cancer and then go right back to doing the things we've always done. Some changes in life style and life habits will be necessary, as well as using all 6 therapies mentioned below. This is a very important issue in alternative cancer care. As is commonly quoted, some people want to keep on doing the same old things and get different results.

7. Waiting until all hope is gone with conventional therapies before 'trying' alternatives.

So many people wait until it is obvious conventional treatments are failing badly before considering alternatives out of desperation. Unfortunately, by that time the patient is usually so sick and so weak, not only from cancer but from the side effects of conventional therapy, it is too late. In fact, many alternative care hospitals, in Mexico for example, have had to develop special therapies for undoing the damage done to patients by conventional therapies. This is commonly the type of patient that arrives on their doorstep.

Basic Types of Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative practitioners have found that the body knows how to prevent and heal cancer far better than any scientist, doctor, university, pharmaceutical drug company, research center or government agency on the planet. Our bodies are, after all, a product of 4,000,000 million years of evolution. The approach of the alternative doctor or therapist then is twofold:

1. Cleanse the inside of the body, removing the accumulated toxins and cancer causing substances.

2. Give the body the best tools and equipment it needs to heal (meaning vitamins, minerals, herbs etc.)

A top book on this subject is "An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer" by Diamond and Cowden. It describes the therapies (protocols) developed by 37 of the most successful alternative cancer doctors, therapists and hospitals worldwide.

The Six Basic Alternative Cancer Therapies include ...

1. Detoxification

As mentioned, removal of internal toxins and metabolic waste material, all of which builds up in the body over time, is a key concept to restoring health in any disease, and a cornerstone of alternative treatment centers. The body must constantly devote precious energy and resources protecting itself against the effects of internal toxins and waste products - resources far better spent fighting cancer!

Detoxification involves the liver, kidneys, lymph and blood. In addition, digestive system cleansing using water therapy, herbal products or other means has proven essential. This includes parasite removal.

Sherry Rogers MD, a world renown authority on physical
detoxification and the author of ten books, has this to say ...

"We are all a toxic cesspool of the lifetime accumulation of chemicals from our air, food, and water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency studies of chemicals stored in the fat of humans show that 100% of people had dioxins, PCBs, dichlorobenzene, and xylene while another analysis of the exhaled breath of humans showed carcinogenic benzene in 89% and perchloroethylene in 93%. And these chemicals are just the tip of the iceberg. For now we have the proof that it is the steady silent accumulation over a lifetime that produces most diseases, including cancer. But medicine merely sees every disease as a deficiency of some drug or surgery, and tell us there is no known cause or cure.

2. Strengthening the Immune System

One of the many tragic side effects of chemotherapy is a severe weakening of the immune system - the body's primary defense against cancer. Today many safe, highly effective, over the counter immune system building preparations are readily available from health food stores and by mail at reasonable cost. They can also help restore damaged immune systems. Extracts from various medicinal mushrooms like Corriolus, Mitake and Ganoderma (Reishi) and compounds like colostrum, lactoferrin etc. have proven to enhance the body's ability to fight cancer and many other diseases.

3. Enzyme Therapies

"Enzymes are life", many like to say. The body uses them in creating energy, fighting disease and accelerating all metabolic processes. We have two sources of enzymes: those that are in raw, uncooked foods and those that the body produces.

Edward Howell in his important book "Enzyme Nutrition" claims we are by mass 80% enzymes. They digest food, fight disease and perform countless other tasks. Certain proteolytic enzymes (pancreatic enzymes) digest the tough protein cancer cell wall that protects and hides cancer cells from the immune system. Once this is done, the immune system's NK cells (leukocytes or white blood cells) can recognize a cancer cell as defective and will destroy it.

The pancreas tries valiantly to produce much-needed enzymes no longer found in our food, but it becomes overwhelmed in the cancer fighting process. Research in developing new forms of cancer-fighting enzyme preparations has been going on for many years. Many products are available now. Note that cooking foods above 115 degrees F. will destroy enzymes. So much for cooked foods.

4. Oxygenation Therapies

Many scientists and therapists call oxygen the cancer cell's worst enemy and point to countless published scientific studies demonstrating cancer can't even exist in an oxygen-healthy tissue environment. As a result, for years alternative therapists and researchers have been developing ways and means to get essential oxygen back into the body. These include hyperbaric oxygen chambers similar to the type used for deep sea divers, peroxide compounds which release oxygen once in the body, ozone, oxygen pills and even liquid oxygen drops.

Alternative clinics and hospitals will use acid-neutralizing minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium to correct acid/alkaline imbalances in the body. Acid conditions expel oxygen from the body, while healthy alkaline conditions encourage oxygen to be absorbed.

5. Diet Therapies.

Virtually all alternative care practitioners, clinics and hospitals immediately focus on a patient's diet. There are wonderful books and websites on this subject.

To find Certified Nutritionists (CNs) to consult with near you or by phone, see Ask about their experience designing cancer diets for patients. CNs are generally more open to alternative approaches than Registered Dieticians.

Hallelujah Acres Diet. (Yes, an odd name.) Developed by Dr. George Malkmus, this vegetarian approach has helped people with a wide variety of diseases and is frequently praised by those who have reversed cancer using natural means. See

Sugar. One important note concerning diet deserves repeating many times. Sugar, found almost everywhere in the modern diet, is the cancer cell's prime source of energy, unlike oxygen, the energy source of healthy cells. Sugar is something cancer patients must eliminate or drastically reduce. It also increases acidosis which drives oxygen out of the body. As mentioned previously, oxygen is a cancer cell's worst enemy.

6. Mental and Emotional Aspects

For many this very important section may be the most difficult in this report. It touches on three little-considered aspects of cancer therapy: the patient's attitude toward alternative therapies, the patient's attitude toward getting well, and the emotional or mental states which may be at the root of their cancer.

The best alternative clinics and hospitals address these issues, knowing that negative mindsets or emotional states can not only cause the disease, but also prevent any hope of recovery.

Dr. Douglas Brodie MD, of Reno, Nevada, USA, one of the finest alternative cancer therapy physicians of our time, has identified what he calls the cancer personality. His psychological profile of a person most likely to get cancer can be read at This man's entire website is excellent. If you are anywhere near Nevada, he is the physician to visit.

"Anatomy of the Spirit". By Caroline Myss. This spiritually orientated book explains how cancer and the emotions are inseparable. She also wrote, Why People Don't Heal and How They Can.

Proven Therapies

Below are some well established treatments for cancer used for many years. Alternative clinics and hospitals also have their favorites besides those listed below and in the previous chapter.

Essiac Tea

Composed of Burdock, Indian Rhubarb, Sorrel, Slippery Elm and other ingredients. It was successfully used by a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse (Essiac is her name spelled backward) to treat 1000s of cancer patients. Claiming it was given to her by Canadian Ojibway Indians, she worked for decades starting in the 1930s, never charging a penny for her help. Her success and reputation grew, much to the displeasure of the Canadian medical profession, and she was arrested and jailed many times for "practicing medicine without a license". At her funeral in 1978 at age 90, hundreds of her former cancer patients were there to pay their last respects to her for saving their lives. Note that not all brands of Essiac tea sold today will work.

Natural Chemotherapies

There are many safe, effective, non-toxic substitutes for conventional chemotherapy used by thousands of people. Example ....N-Tense. This Graviola based herbal formula combines seven potent and effective medicinal plants from the rain forests into one balanced synergistic formula. Each plant has published scientific documentation as a proven healer.

Top Books

There are some wonderful must-have publications that will guide you step by step in using alternative cancer therapies and treatments. Many of the authors have decades of experience and are also active in petitioning the state and federal government agencies to allow MDs to use successful alternative treatments.

"Alternatives in Cancer Therapy". By Ross Pelton, Ph.D. An excellent book. It is easy to read and is well documented with references.

"Cancer Diagnosis - What to do next". Another excellent book on fighting cancer for those new to alternative therapies. From publisher Burton Goldberg. Compiled by MDs Diamond and Cowden.

The Author's Personal Favorites

This chapter lists some alternative cancer products, services, websites, treatments, clinics, personnel etc. that have impressed the author the most over the years.

Aloe Vera

Used by humanity for thousands years and frequently mentioned in the bible, aloe is a potent all-purpose healer.

Flax Seed oil and Cottage Cheese

A potent, inexpensive and well-proven cancer fighting diet therapy. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have benefited over the last 35 years from this unusual and unlikely combination. Developed and perfected by two-time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Joanna Budwig of Germany, it enhances those parts of the immune system responsible for fighting cancer. Many websites are devoted to this one therapy alone. She has various books on this subject.

Green Food Powders

These relatively new products are blends of nutrient rich powdered herbs, green plants, grasses, enzymes, algae, extracts etc., all of which are highly beneficial to human health. Chlorophyll intensive! Every cancer patient must get a good supply of chlorophyll daily.


Alternative health care practitioners and clinics all have their favorite enzyme products for fighting cancer, and this German preparation is Europe's most popular. It recently made its way to the USA and is available on the Internet and in some of the larger health food stores. There are many other excellent enzyme preparations proven useful against cancer.

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